FREE Online Screening of “FOOD MATTERS”

You Don’t Want to Miss This!!!


NOVEMBER 21st-30th, 2012



If you want to be healthy, live longer and better understand the connection between food and health, you need to watch this movie. “Food Matters” will shed the clear light of day on the sometimes murky facts about food, medicine and wellness. It may well be the most important film you watch in your entire life.

We have been conditioned to accept nutritionally-depleted foods laden with chemical additives that, ultimately, cause inflammation and dis-ease in our bodies and minds. And the pharmaceutical drugs that we’re then given to treat our symptoms – bear in mind that treat does not mean the same thing as heal – merely intensify the toxic load that our bodies are already burdened with. “Food Matters” clearly explains how we can overcome illness by natural means and presents the science behind these claims. It offers us a proven alternative to the chronically broken, trillion-dollar-worldwide healthcare industry that keeps us sick and often makes us sicker. Armed with new knowledge and understanding, after watching the film you will be empowered to improve your health naturally and make powerful, life-changing choices for yourself and your family.

Once you REGISTER for the FREE SCREENING, you’ll have an opportunity to watch the first 8 minutes of this film that is sure to open up a world of new possibilities and inspire new hope for you. Once you watched the 8-minute preview, please take a moment and share the registration link with your loved ones so they won’t miss this important opportunity.

I encourage everyone to watch this film. It’s FREE information that could save your life! Now GO! REGISTER!!! HURRY!!


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